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5 Things All Sexy Men Have in Common



5 Things All Sexy Men Have in Common

By Peter Minkoff

Take a minute to think about the first thing you notice on a man. Is it the eyes? The smile? The body? There would probably be votes for each of the categories. Even though our taste in men differs hugely and each person has a different type, there are some men that are sexy to everyone. So, how could this be the case if different types of guys catch our eye? It’s the attitude, ladies and gentlemen. The attitude. So, let’s take a look at all the things that sexy men have in common and you’ll see what we’re talking about. (Just a quick note – this is somewhat of a generalization, and we definitely don’t mean to offend anyone who’s sexy, but doesn’t fall into the following categories!)


They always look good in bed

There just are those guys who look hot from the moment they wake up. The key is not necessarily in a heavenly body, biceps or six-pack; it’s just about the way they look in bed. First of all, they take great care about how they’re going to wake up – that is, in what. Having high-quality underwear is something that all sexy men have in common and they take good care of this. Moreover, all of them are morning people – there’s nothing sexy about a guy who wakes up grumpy and doesn’t let you snuggle after you wake up, at least for ten minutes. Men who are sexy (and know it) are very bright and lively from the moment they wake up and they are even ready to make you your morning coffee. And we thank them for that!


They always look good on the beach

Sun, water, the heat… let’s admit it – we find more sexy guys on the beach than during winter time. All those hot bodies, sun washed hair and sandy legs somehow drive us crazy. However, even though this might be the case, these things are not what makes men attractive. A really sexy guy always looks good on the beach, regardless of his muscles or body shape. A truly sexy guy is always confident in his posture and body, thus radiating in a totally different way. Moreover, they always pay attention to the swimwear they are wearing. Following all the swimwear trends is a must for any sexy guy.


They always look good in formal clothing

Think about Mr Big: to many, some of the sexiest characters on the television. Where does that sexiness come from? The attitude and his suits! Even though we didn’t see him in many other types of clothing, and we cannot really say that he’s the guy from the title of this article, he surely is one of the sexiest formally dressed people. All sexy men know when to wear formal clothes, and pay attention to details such as the length of the sleeves and pants, the bow tie or tie and accessories. The best way to achieve this is by having custom suits made just for you, accentuating all the right features. Knowing all the suit mistakes men usually make can help you a great deal in choosing the suit that is right for you, and all sexy men know that.


They know how to take care of their face and skin

Nowadays, more and more guys purchase beauty products and use them daily, not only metrosexuals. First of all, taking great care of their hair is a must for them, even when they only need to go to the grocery store. Moreover, you’ll see all of them cleansing their face every night before bed and applying their favourite moisturizers. Glowing and fresh skin is just another element of their sexiness.


They are (very often) overconfident

Knowing you’re sexy and that a lot of people would kill for a night with you somehow gives a person that sense of overconfidence that can sometimes be too much. All sexy men have this to a certain extent, but let’s hope, for your sake, it doesn’t go too far. See if he’s looking you in the eyes while you’re talking, or simply gazing in his reflection in the mirror. Even though confidence men have in themselves can be quite sexy in most cases, there are moments when they tend to overdo it.


Do you want to be one of those guys? Then follow these tips and you’ll definitely become one if your attitude is right. Are you dating one? Lucky you! Just make sure he’s the good kind of sexy guy, not the selfish kind.


Peter is a men's fashion writer at HighStreetGent magazine, living between Brisbane and London. Beside writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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